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Mission and Values

Exeter District Ambulance is dedicated to provide basic and advanced life support of the sick and injured, in a professional and responsive manner, showing care and compassion for those we serve.
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In furtherance of our mission we strive to conduct ourselves in accordance with the following organizational values:

The Patient Comes First. The patient's safety, comfort, dignity and convenience come before all other considerations. We seek to understand and address the patient's physical, emotional and spiritual needs with empathy and compassion.

Relationships. We treat others with courtesy and respe t and expect the same in return. We believe that quality health care is built upon a foundation of quality human relationships. We strive to develop and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationshiops with out clients, our business partners, our community leaders and with one another.

Integrity. We say what we will do and we do what we say. We do not make commitments beyond our organizational commitments. We tell the truth.

Excellence. We strive to promote a quality health care experience for our patients that is second to none. We seek to be the best at what we do and then we look for ways to be even better.

Fiscal Responsibility. The physical assets and financial resources of EDA are held in trust for the sole benefit of the community we serve. We do not make frivolous expenditures nor do we engage in false economies. We strive for both short and long term profitability in order to meet current needs and to assure the financial viability of EDA for future generations.

Ethical Behavior. We seek to do the right thing with respect to every decision we make. Whether the issue relates to medical treatment, administrative or financial matters, and interpersonal relations or regulatory compliance, we strive to behave in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Community. We acknowledge our vital role in the local community and we seek to understand and faithfully serve the needs of our community. We accept responsibility as a health organization for promoting a healthy community as an essential ingredient in personal happiness and fulfillment.