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Here at Exeter District Ambulance, we fully understand the importance and value of educating the next generation. This is especially true for us in the areas of public safety and career planning. As such, we are very open to participating in your educational initiatives with students of all ages.

Site Visits

With enough advance notice, we will be more than happy to come visit your site and speak with your students. This can be tailored to any practical age group from K on up. We will tailor the presentation to your specific needs and age group and time. In general, regardless of age, our presentations are about 30 minutes and accommodate about 24 participants. For the younger participants the time is generally split evenly between presentation and a structured activity. An activity may or may not be included for older participants. Our site visits are generally handled by an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), although in some circumstances and for older audiences, we can have a Paramedic or the full EMT/Paramedic crew. All site visits include a fully stocked operational Ambulance. In general, educational site visits are done as a community service and are free to you.

Structured Presentation

These are targeted more for Community Organization and groups. We would love to visit your group and present a status update on Exeter District Ambulance. This will include things such as history, structure, operations, and county operations. It always includes statistics and explanations of county commitments and rules. Generally, it is about 30 minutes long and helps explain who we are, what we do, and how we operate.As a special government district, it is essential that we keep the community we serve fully abreast of our performance. These presentations are generally done by our District Manager and are at no charge.

Event Standby

We would love to be your choice to provide EMS standby services for your sporting or other event. We do Rodeos, Football games, and even marathons. Generally, we provide Basic Life Support (BLS) non-transport standby service unless you specifically request Advanced Life Support (ALS) or Full Service Ambulance service. Each of these are charged at a standard hourly rate. We do provide a significant discount for "in-zone" customers, primarily for group and activities within the Exeter Ambulance District. We would prefer to have at least 1 week advanced notice in order to be sure of having a suitable crew to provide the standby service.